Thursday, April 14

OMG! lama tak update

i am very sorry my dear blogger! quit busy with assignment test and quizzes! its really stress me up! this is the way of university life! hayoooooooooo ok! final start next week on Wednesday! and and why i still malas malas haaa? sleep is the best way for me to study? ey ey silap! i also dont know why why why kita suka tidur sahaja! sikap malas dah terkeluar! i hate u badan! ey! hahaha ok! im little bit crazy nowadays because stress and tak sangka nak final and bakal meninggalkan Dungun untuk 1bulan je! ohh sekejap sangat! kenapa tak bagi lama2 lagi awak! kita nak holiday holiday holiday. haaa ni je lah kerja kita. nak holiday tapi study tidak mahu. ooopsssss i want too but my tidur is the most important. damn!

my final schedule is very pack because gap utk next paper 3 days only! pressure tak pressure! i had to do it! yes sabryna u can do it :) i should proud of my self because this is the best way to improve our self. ey ey hahaha okkkkk im done :)

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